The Story

"Emma Dykes has that calming energy about her that is a combination of empathy and strength - essential to being a Registered Nurse, but thankfully this also transcends through her voice and into her beautiful songs" - Golden Guitar winner Luke O'Shea 


Emma sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.

After graduating the Academy of Country Music in 2016, Emma drew on her experience as a rural Emergency Nurse to write about her lessons learnt along the way and 12 months later released her independently funded debut album Pay It Forward. Since than Emma has been a finalist and semi-finalist in songwriting competitions in the US, UK and Australia. Her singles, Man of the House, Two Birds, Pay It Forward and A Drink In My Hand, have all garnered positive response from critics and fans alike, charting on radios worldwide, and August last year saw Emma touring internationally through Germany with the Joeys Oz Band. 2019 has kicked off with a trip to Nashville where Emma has recorded the first 5 tracks of her second album with Producer Matt Fell, due out later this year. 

The Port Macquarie, NSW, artist has an interesting history whos adventures have taken her into the depths of rural Australia, proving all the inspiration she needs to craft songs that bring her stories to life.She’s held jobs on mine sites, driving machines with tyres twice her height, working with men and fighting to prove she was as capable as the next bloke and she learn't about rodeo first-hand as the president of a local rodeo committee in Cape York while also nursing in rural, remote towns along the way.

Her live performances will have you singing along to popular covers, including anything from Creedence to Pink and back again, while hearing the stories behind the originals open the audience to a deep and enlightening experience. Emma is predominantly a solo artist with guitar, vocal and stomp box, although at times can be seen as part of a well-crafted duo or band. She has opened the show for Wendy Matthews and the Bushwackers and seeing her live will bear you witness to the magic she weaves through some old favourites while also taking you for a walk in her 'Footprints' (excuse the pun!) through the journey of her popular originals. There is something for every person, mood and occasion during an Emma Dykes performance - a true artist and a genuine blessing to witness. 

“Her beautiful debut album, Pay It Forward, is nothing short of passionate, emotional, inspiring and honest” – Helen, The Reviewer’s Inkpot