The Riddle of Life

The new album is finally finally finally here! Monday the 24th Feb 2020! There has been 3 years, multiple countries and a lot of learning and experiences to create an album that I finally get to present to you this…

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The second album is born!

Well... 2019 has gotten off to an amazing start. Firstly, Tamworth Country Music Festival kicked us off in January and how can you possible have a bad year when it starts like that? I had my first official red carpet…

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Music music music


wow, these last two months have been an amazing adventure - music music music 

I finished a shift at the hospital one Monday in November, drove straight to Tamworth to catch the plane to Sydney. Arrived there…

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"Running" around

I have returned! The Drovers Run has been a great success with over 195000 dollars raised for the Westpac Helicopter and we are hoping that number will reach 200,000 before the end of the month when the fundraising closes. I…

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Time Flies when your having fun!

Well, its true what they say, time definitely flies when your having fun! And evidently, seeing it has been 3 months since i posted, i have been doing plenty of the fun stuff!
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what a year!

Well...2016 has come to an end and the start of 2017 marks a whole year since I graduated from the CMAA Academy of Country Music. I am in disbelief as to how far I have come in this short time…Read more

Top 30!!!

WOW, what a few months it has been!
I have made it into the Top 30 of the Australian Songwriting Competition with the first song i ever wrote...Footprints!
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Wow!!!! I am stoked to find out that two of my songs have made it to the semi-finals of the U.K. Songwriting Competiton. I am so excited to have even made it that far, fingers crossed for how far they…Read more

Debut Album - Pay It Forward

Here it is, the cover to look for! This is my debut album, Pay It Forward, available January 2017  I can't wait to share this with you! My music is the storybook of my life. Every song has a tale…Read more