"Running" around

I have returned! The Drovers Run has been a great success with over 195000 dollars raised for the Westpac Helicopter and we are hoping that number will reach 200,000 before the end of the month when the fundraising closes. I hope you have all had a chance to duck over to Emma Dykes Music on facebook and check out some of the photos. We saw some amazing country. I have to say though, the highlight for me was the people. I wrote my album and called it 'Pay It Forward' because I wanted to spread the idea of doing nice things for people and not wanting anything for it. Over the last few weeks I have been blown away by the amount of people who live by this every day. From all the help and support I had from people on the run, people back home and those of you I haven't even met yet, right through to the people who have given endlessly and so selflessly to a good cause and not even wanted recognition. It is amazing. And to top off the trip, on the way up the range, after the 4300kms of tough terrain was Over, I had a mishap with the rooftop tent and it unfolded in a gust of wind. A beautiful couple, Louise and Barry from Mona Vale, pulled over to help and went above and beyond. When I wanted to show how grateful I was they said 'just say thank you, courtesy is catchy' and left it at that. I hope I come across them again one day and can return the favour. 

Than there was the Wendy Matthews support gig! The audience there was incredible and the highlights were...1) how much they liked my original music and 2) hearing the whole room of 300+ people singing along to When You Say Nothing At All! Such a rush! I was absolutely buzzing. 

I have attached a list of confirmed gigs so far and more are quickly coming in! I look forward to catching up with you there :) 

Love and lyrics as always 

Emm xo