The Riddle of Life

The new album is finally finally finally here! Monday the 24th Feb 2020! There has been 3 years, multiple countries and a lot of learning and experiences to create an album that I finally get to present to you this coming Monday. It is such a daunting, exciting, unbelievable and totally mind blowing thought that my second album is about to be unveiled into the world. Will it be heard? Will it be loved? Will anybody relate to it? All these questions are spinning around in my head. I know, as artists, that we are meant to make music for ourselves and it shouldn't matter whether we think anyone else will like it or not...but the reality of it is, it would be a very lonely world as an artist if there were no fans who listened or people who loved the music. I would find it no where near as rewarding or heart warming if it was all just for myself. I would feel a little selfish and it would probably be put at the bottom of the list of things to do along with the rest of the self care activities, like massages and long walks on the beach. But when I have you to share it with, it becomes the top of the list. It is not just a passion but a responsibility and it is one that i take very seriously. So i really hope you love it. I hope this new album will make you proud and put a smile  on your face as you come along on this journey with me - ride shotgun as you did with Pay It Forward and the rest of my birth into the music industry. It has been a very exciting ride and I am so glad I have been able to share it with so many kind and loving people along the way. So as release day approaches, just two sleeps away, please grab your copy of the album, have a listen and let me know which parts you love, which parts grab you, which parts make you question and which parts your most excited about. And thank you! Thank you for staying on this ride with me. 

Love and Lyrics


Emm xoxo