Time Flies when your having fun!

Well, its true what they say, time definitely flies when your having fun! And evidently, seeing it has been 3 months since i posted, i have been doing plenty of the fun stuff!
I have finished my Album Launch Tour, including shows at Tamworth Country Music Festival, North Haven, Port Macquarie, Uralla, Walcha, Wauchope, Inverell and Glen Innes. I have released Man Of The House as the single off the album and it is currently in its third month on the My Country Australia Top 40 charts, having moved up to number 2 as we speak. It is sitting at Number 3 on the AMRAP regional charts and number 2 on Florida Country Radios Big Country Top 20 countdown! As you can imagine i am finding this very very exciting and quiet unbelievable! Who would have thought hey?!
I want to take this opportunity again to thank each and every person who has listened to my music, liked my facebook page, sussed out my website, spoken about it all to your friends, come along to live shows, bought the album and merch..the list goes on and on and i am completely grateful, because it would eventually become a little boring singing songs to myself all the time, but it is all of you who allow me the opportunity to keep sharing my music with the world...quiet literally...the wolrd....wow. Florida, Uk, Europe, France and of course Australia to name a few of the places its reaching! You are all amazing. 
Anyway, now i am going to go and suck up to my dog who is sooking in the sun after we had a disagreement over her spreading my clean clothes all over the backyard...turns out a 9 month old great dane can even reach the undies... and than i am off to have lunch and make some more music before heading to the farm for the arvo :) 
love and lyrics
Emm xxx 
p.s The Drovers Run is getting so close! Thanks to Tamworth Mitsubishi the Triton is all serviced and running its best for the trip. We are currently working on Bullbar, Canopy, Fridge, 2-way, Tyres...the list goes on... but it will be all worth it when we get to cover 4000kms to help out the Westpac Helicopter and make music along the way :)