Film Clips, International Tour, Writing for the New Album...Its all Happening

Whats under the bonnet you ask?! Lots actually! :) The year is well and truly under way. Isn't it flying by already?! We have just had the Anzac day ceremonies to pay our thanks and remember those who have made this beautiful country the one that it is today. It makes me think though, Australia and our freedom and mateship has always been something that we have been so proud to celebrate... but sometimes i worry. Sometimes i look around at some of the things that are happening... or not happening for that matter... and wonder if in years to come we will still be able to be so proud. Will we still even be able to celebrate Anzac Day or will it be another one of our countries important days that gets pushed aside or called another name to keep from offending somebody? I'm not sure how it all works though, when most of us are upset and offended by the changes in the first place... 

anyway, onto a more positive note! The band and i have been squeezing in some rehearsal time ( which is not always easy when we each lead very busy lives) and it is such a refreshing, exciting and motivating experience to come together with other enthusiastic, professional, talented musicians and prepare for what is bound to be an amazing trip filled with German beer and frivolities! I must say, my overseas travel has been somewhat limited thus far. I have managed to squeeze quiet a bit into my... ok ill be honest, 30 years..  but as far as off shore travel goes, this will be my first big trip. I have ventured to NZ and taken a couple of relaxing cruises to the South Pacific but this will be my first extended flight which i must say, i'm not exactly looking forward too. I have trouble sometimes sitting still through a movie... so i may need to word the band up about the fine line between me consuming enough alcohol to stop me jumping off the plane somewhere across the Pacific but not so much that i cant exit at the other end of the flight. It could get interesting! I will owe them all one giant sized German bevvy at the other end... 

I am also getting very excited with some of the songwriting that is starting to happen around forming my next album. I am going for quality rather than quantity, i'm not one of these writers who can pump out a song a day and than go back and cull what will and wont make the cut for the album. I find i do this as i go. I wait for an image of a song to form, one that is already pulling its strings with me and that as i start to mould it into a tune, it makes me want to sing it over and over. Than i know its worth working on and adding to my repertoire. If i am starting on a song that is just not clicking with me, i find it rarely gets finished in the first place, let alone fights for its place on the album. However in saying that, through the process of packing my house and moving (yet again) just recently i have been reunited with some old ideas, lines and parts of songs... and from these old forgotten rhymes, sometimes new ones grow. They are never thrown away, rather just pushed aside. I have also come to realise that it turns out i was a songwriter long before i remember being a song writer. I have found bits and pieces written through lots of little old books dating right back through the ages... ok, so i'm not quiet that old... but old enough to even surprise myself with what i have found. Its like a time capsule of songwriting that i didn't know i had. Watch this space... maybe i can morph one into something album worthy!?

And lastly for new single and film clip that will hit you mid next week! This is a special one. The song, if you already have my album you would have heard, but the video... this is whats special. Being the title track of the album i really wanted to capture the essence on this song on video..and i wanted your help. After all, it is all about community and unity in general and i think we did it! I am so proud of this clip and i cant wait to hear what you think. I find it takes me on a journey of goosebumps and smiles, right up to, and especially so, the last moment of the clip...that is the special part, so make sure you watch right through! 

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Love and Lyrics

Emm xo