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You will also find upcoming events where you can see me perform live, an online shop where you can listen to and purchase my music and of course the links to my social media pages where we can keep in touch on the day to day happenings of the music world. Please leave me a comment to say hi or let me know which gigs i will meet you at :) 
Love and hugs, Emm xxx

Music music music  


wow, these last two months have been an amazing adventure - music music music 

I finished a shift at the hospital one Monday in November, drove straight to Tamworth to catch the plane to Sydney. Arrived there still dressed in my scrubs and feeling a little awkward, headed to my motel and sussed out where i needed to be the next morning...ABC studios, Ultimo, for the Golden Guitar Finalist announcements. It was so great to have so many people from the industry all together in one room. A great opportunity to catch up with those we knew and to meet those we hadn't met already. A huge congratulations to all the Finalists!  

The next day it was off to the Canterburry Hurlestone RSL club for the National Songwriting Awards. Check out my facebook page if you haven't already to see some snaps of the Red Carpet and the beautifully set tables.  

It was back to the airport the next day for a flight back to Tamworth to head to Nundle for the songwriters retreat at The Dag sheep Station where i managed to co-write on 5 new songs in the three days of writing we had! Busy, but exciting! Our heads were spinning by the end of that 

I have also just posted the second Stories Behind The Songs video, this one is Man Of The House. Check them out on YouTube and make sure you sign up to my mailing list here at www.emmadykes.com so I can send them out to you directly as they come about. 

This all lead up to Christmas, and very soon new year. It has been a pleasure sharing the last 12 months of musical adventure with you and I look forward to the next, they are going to be VERY exciting! 

Thanks again for your support and interest in my musical career! 

Love and Lyrics 

Emma xo 

"Running" around  

I have returned! The Drovers Run has been a great success with over 195000 dollars raised for the Westpac Helicopter and we are hoping that number will reach 200,000 before the end of the month when the fundraising closes. I hope you have all had a chance to duck over to Emma Dykes Music on facebook and check out some of the photos. We saw some amazing country. I have to say though, the highlight for me was the people. I wrote my album and called it 'Pay It Forward' because I wanted to spread the idea of doing nice things for people and not wanting anything for it. Over the last few weeks I have been blown away by the amount of people who live by this every day. From all the help and support I had from people on the run, people back home and those of you I haven't even met yet, right through to the people who have given endlessly and so selflessly to a good cause and not even wanted recognition. It is amazing. And to top off the trip, on the way up the range, after the 4300kms of tough terrain was Over, I had a mishap with the rooftop tent and it unfolded in a gust of wind. A beautiful couple, Louise and Barry from Mona Vale, pulled over to help and went above and beyond. When I wanted to show how grateful I was they said 'just say thank you, courtesy is catchy' and left it at that. I hope I come across them again one day and can return the favour. 

Than there was the Wendy Matthews support gig! The audience there was incredible and the highlights were...1) how much they liked my original music and 2) hearing the whole room of 300+ people singing along to When You Say Nothing At All! Such a rush! I was absolutely buzzing. 

I have attached a list of confirmed gigs so far and more are quickly coming in! I look forward to catching up with you there :) 

Love and lyrics as always 

Emm xo  

Time Flies when your having fun! 

Well, its true what they say, time definitely flies when your having fun! And evidently, seeing it has been 3 months since i posted, i have been doing plenty of the fun stuff!
I have finished my Album Launch Tour, including shows at Tamworth Country Music Festival, North Haven, Port Macquarie, Uralla, Walcha, Wauchope, Inverell and Glen Innes. I have released Man Of The House as the single off the album and it is currently in its third month on the My Country Australia Top 40 charts, having moved up to number 2 as we speak. It is sitting at Number 3 on the AMRAP regional charts and number 2 on Florida Country Radios Big Country Top 20 countdown! As you can imagine i am finding this very very exciting and quiet unbelievable! Who would have thought hey?!
I want to take this opportunity again to thank each and every person who has listened to my music, liked my facebook page, sussed out my website, spoken about it all to your friends, come along to live shows, bought the album and merch..the list goes on and on and i am completely grateful, because it would eventually become a little boring singing songs to myself all the time, but it is all of you who allow me the opportunity to keep sharing my music with the world...quiet literally...the wolrd....wow. Florida, Uk, Europe, France and of course Australia to name a few of the places its reaching! You are all amazing. 
Anyway, now i am going to go and suck up to my dog who is sooking in the sun after we had a disagreement over her spreading my clean clothes all over the backyard...turns out a 9 month old great dane can even reach the undies... and than i am off to have lunch and make some more music before heading to the farm for the arvo :) 
love and lyrics
Emm xxx 
p.s The Drovers Run is getting so close! Thanks to Tamworth Mitsubishi the Triton is all serviced and running its best for the trip. We are currently working on Bullbar, Canopy, Fridge, 2-way, Tyres...the list goes on... but it will be all worth it when we get to cover 4000kms to help out the Westpac Helicopter and make music along the way :)

what a year! 

Well...2016 has come to an end and the start of 2017 marks a whole year since I graduated from the CMAA Academy of Country Music. I am in disbelief as to how far I have come in this short time and am unconditionally grateful for all the support I have had, and continue to be shown, along the way! I am glad I get to share this journey with you all.
Tamworth Country Music Festival is again over and I feel that my music was very well received this year. I am excited and warmed by the response. Seeing my face on a flag on Bridge St, singing with Luke O'Shea and winning third place in the festival cavalcade were among some of the highlights.
Tonight I found out that Pay It Forward was in the Top 3 most requested songs on TodaysCountry94one! I am so excited to hear this as it hasn't officially gone out to radio yet. That will be happening in the very near future! Don't forget to request away on all your favourite stations.
I also have some other very exciting things coming up that I will let you all know about as soon as I can :) 2017 is going to be a great year!
I wish you all the very best for it.
Love and Lyrics
Emm xxx

Top 30!!! 

WOW, what a few months it has been!
I have made it into the Top 30 of the Australian Songwriting Competition with the first song i ever wrote...Footprints!
I will be heading down to the Orion Theatre in Sydney in December for the awards night :) i cant wait!
On another exciting note, today i finishing recording the last three songs for my album! Pay It Forward is almost complete and is busting to be shared with you. I cant wait for it to be here in the flesh! of course it will also be available on all music stores in the New Year as well. I have a heap of Launch Gigs locked in so make sure you save the date for one, or all ;) of them and come along to join in the celebration! 
I feel so blessed to be on this path
Love and Lyrics
Emm xxx


Wow!!!! I am stoked to find out that two of my songs have made it to the semi-finals of the U.K. Songwriting Competiton. I am so excited to have even made it that far, fingers crossed for how far they get! Thank you everyone who has encouraged, inspired and promoted my music.xxx 

Debut Album - Pay It Forward 

Here it is, the cover to look for! This is my debut album, Pay It Forward, available January 2017  I can't wait to share this with you! My music is the storybook of my life. Every song has a tale attached and represents specific people, lessons, experiences and feelings I have encountered along the way. These songs will be like listening to me sing you through the pages of my photo album, and I'm sure it will hit a note close to home for you as well.xxx 

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Previous events

Emma Dykes

The Aussie Hotel, Inverell

I am proud to be one of a number of musicians playing at this fundraiser to raise money for the purchase of AED's for the sporting facilities in Inverell! Come along for a great night and an even better cause

Emma Dykes @ Dance4William

SHINE2168, Liverpool, Sydney

I am pleased to have been asked to sing 'Footprints' at this event to raise awareness of missing children and to encourage stranger danger.